About The Heartland Center for Transformation

The Earth School for Souls was founded  in 2009, in Sedona, AZ to provide tools for transforming yourself and your world.  We are now anchored in the Midwestern states as The Heartland Center.  We offer workshops, classes, gatherings and individual sessions that support spiritual awakening as we step out of victim consciousness and into greater freedom and consciousness.  As we heighten our individual  awareness, we now express our true nature as eternal and limitless divine beings.  The Earth School for Souls is now specifically the “Mystery School” portion of our teaching and classes.

What we do:

We give you practical tools for Transforming your life and your world:

  • Heal and release old psychic wounds
  • Release patterns of dysfunctional thought and action
  • Build new habits and patterns
  • Consciously re-create your life

We do this through  teaching, exercises, healing sessions, sacred shamanic ceremony, and Shamanic Breathwork™ journeys.


Our Point of View:

By re-framing our lives as an experience we called forth at the highest soul level, we are able to interact with the circumstances of our lives in a new way.  Instead of feeling like victims, “at the effect” of circumstances or situations, we become able instead tBreatheo glean the gold from these experiences, and ultimately “graduate” and move beyond the need to create difficult or painful situations.  By looking at the circumstances of our lives as “sacred curriculum”, we become able to forgive, release bitterness, grow in awareness, and move on to create the lives we wish to be living.

Our classes, workshops and sessions are designed to give participants the tools and support for this re-framing, and to help them move beyond repetitive cycles of powerlessness and limitation.   We believe that we unconsciously create those circumstances that are designed by our souls to move us through the experiences and “curriculum” we wished to master in this lifetime.  And until we look at these circumstances differently, learn what they have been set up to show us, seeing the gifts they bring us, we will continue to manifest similar situations.  Wouldn’t we rather move on?

It is important to note that, when we say we came to “learn lessons”, we don’t mean it in a punitive, negative way.  On the contrary.  Our philosophy is that we, as immortal souls, chose what we came here in this lifetime to master, to excel in —as in graduate training.  In fact, the rather negative connotation around “learning  our lessons”,  is a big part of human conditioning,  and stepping out of that  energy is an important aspect of this work.

Why we do it:

At this time on our planet, we have the opportunity to complete and release old contracts, old ways of being, and step fully into our birthrights as limitless, creative expressions of the Divine Source of all life.  We have the opportunity now, indeed, the mandate, to re-create the planet and the race from a place of wholeness and love.  And it is only by freeing ourselves from past conditioning, that we are able to step first into a place of self-love and acceptance, and from there, into loving and accepting each other.

“We are called to do our inner work.  At this time there is no choice in the matter.  We are awakening to the truth of our being only to find that we are completely  unprepared to embody the spiritual thing we are.  

We have elected to enter the Earth School at this time to lengthen and broaden and deepen our soul’s nature.  In this graduate school for souls, we are to become grand masters.  That is why we do our inner work. 

 We do not need to become more spiritual – we are perfectly spiritual, just the way we are.  What we need is to become more human.  So in the Earth School we are learning how to finally bring our spirit into human form.  Much of our practice is perfecting this dance between human and spirit; this is the dance of the Shaman.

We need to redefine what it means to be perfect.  To be human is to be perfectly flawed, to be perfectly imperfect.  The perfection of this dance looks different from one individual to another; and when we do this dance together, however graceful or chaotic, it looks like our movements have been choreographed by the divine.”