Sunday Afternoon Shamanic Breathwork Journeys

Radical Transformation in the Rarefied Air of the New Earth!


Every Second Sunday  2 – 5:30pm

Downtown Bloomington, Indiana

 Must Register to get exact Location

I have recently relocated to the midwest after four years of study, practice, and preparation in Sedona, AZ. Everywhere I go I find members of our soul family showing up to do their inner work and to pick up more tools for surfing the tumultuous waves of change in which we find ourselves.

I am called to bring the transformative process of Shamanic Breathwork(TM) to this region at this time.  My way is not better than any other breathwork practitioner”s; it is just different and a uniquely deep and heartfelt process. I clear my channel to the divine to receive the message for you that will activate you and prepare you for your soul’s journey.

I will set sacred space and create a safe and loving container in which you may open to your soul’s guidance and healing. I will lead you to the threshold of the Shaman’s Cave where you may step over and experience a Shamanic Journey guided by your own soul; your individual connection to spirit.

You will need to bring a blanket and pillow to make a comfortable journey pallet. Bring a closed water bottle and your intention for the pieces you are ready to release and a vision of your new self for more easily traversing the terrain of the New Earth.

Cost is only a $20 – $50 energy exchange; depending on your ability to pay.  $20 deposit required to register:

For the forseeable future, we will be holding one-day or two-day workshops on instead of the usual half day.  Register on the event page for our Weekend Retreats.

You may contact me directly at:  or 928-274-5418

Join us for a full hour journey session with music that has been specially selected for this event. We will start with some instruction and activating teaching and end with a process period.

In this opening in time we will use the powerful tool of Shamanic Breathwork (TM) to journey to the center of our being in order to move into a higher imagining, reprogramming our minds and re-calibrating our bodies to travel effortlessly in the paradigm of the New Earth.

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