The Earth School for Souls invites you to:

Waking Up in the Woods!

A Shamanic Breathwork™ journey experience with shamanic minister, author, and advanced facilitator, John Berry Deakyne. “You are rising from the ashes of unnumbered challenges to finally allow the Universe to grant your fondest wish!” 



9:30am – 4:00pm,  Saturday,  April 25, 2015

Wild Grace Homestead, Brown County, IN

Pre-Register: Half-Payment is required to hold your place

$60 for the day, lunch provided;  Submit half-payment to hold you spot; Directions & logistics provided once you register.

Overnight lodging is optional at $50 / night, and is handled separately.

Your guide:  John Berry Deakyne is an ordained Shamanic Minister and Breathwork Facilitator trained through a rigorous series of initiations and apprenticeships with Linda Star Wolf, who literally wrote the book on Shamanic Breathwork™. 

He founded the Earth School for Souls in Sedona, AZ; he posts the popular blog On the Road to Find Outwww.sedonawordsmith.blogspot.com, and he is currently revising his third book, Waking Up in the Wasteland, a primer on modern shamanism. 

You will need blankets and a pillow to make a comfortable journey pallet.  Bring a closed water bottle.  Let us know ASAP if you plan to stay overnight in the cottage.  That cost is $50 and is handled separately. 

For more info contact www.john@earthschoolforsouls.com  Scholarships are available; just ask.  This retreat is brought to you by the Earth School for Souls, a subsidiary of the Venus Rising Association for Transformation in Whittier, North Carolina,

Logistics:  The actual journey session consists of a full-hour process in a darkened room using high volume, specifically selected music to activate your energy centers from the root to the crown.   We use the breath as an entry point to your own individual journey.

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