Intro to Automatic Writing . . . It’s Our Mini-Jumpstart Gathering!



Join us for the next “intro-to-automatic-writing” with Sedona Wordsmith and the Birth Your Book! retreats.


Monthly in Bloomington, 2013

Monroe County Public Library, Rm 1-C

Bloomington, Indiana

9:00am – Noon



Or call: 928-274-5418

This is a Free Event

Jump-start your creative process in a protective and dynamic circle of vision and imagination.

Intro to Automatic Writing

Unleash your creative potential, tap into and channel the dynamic energies of 2013 to launch your creative project and awaken your own inner-artist. We will harness the combined energies of the working group to propel you and your project forward. We employ “automatic writing” techniques, targeted meditation, guided imagery and breathwork to unleash your intrinsic creative energy.

This gathering is appropriate for those who want to start this process as well as those who have started a book and want to jump-start their process. This gathering is also good for seeing to what degree this process works for you before you sign up for our longer two-day retreat,

You will receive two+ hours of focused energetic release and take home “10 Secrets” for exploding the blocks that keep you from writing, and tips for getting on-track and staying there.

Your host is John Berry Deakyne, author, screenwriter, and poet. He has penned two novels, The Tower Card and The Redemption of Lucifer and scribes the popular blog, “On the Road to Find Out”

John is a Writing Coach, Shamanic Minister and your Writing Midwife.

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