Why were You Born? Journey to Realize your Soul Purpose!

On the Occasion of the Full Moon! Shamanic Breathwork Journey Workshop to call in your future self and to embody your True Self.

12548975_10153847814453334_3431336535611546257_nThis is a full day workshop in the rarefied retreat setting of the Wild Grace Homestead in the Brown County Hills. Your host is John Berry Deakyne who is a Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and ordained Shamanic Minister.  Jessica Johnson, who is a long time veteran of journey work, will be assisting.

On this day we will pay attention to the signs and the calling of the day and time to pursue the sometimes elusive answer to the existential question: “Why was I born?” and particularly, “Why was I born at this Time?”

We will begin the day with our circle ceremony and an activating teaching. A nutritious luncheon will be served and then we will journey to a new dynamic music list called in just for this workshop. We will have some time for processing and sharing, and we will end our day with a traditional Fire Ceremony in honor of the energies of the Full Moon.

Cost for the full day which includes lunch is $75. Pre-registration is required and directions and logistics will be sent later.

 We are now offering this workshop free-of-charge as a “give-away” to our community.  Your love-offering, day of the event is always deeply appreciated.

Pre-Registration Required leave your name and number of participants with me at http://john@earthschoolforsouls.com

There is also lodging available in the retreat house for anyone who would like to stay longer for $50 per room; space is limited.

As usual we ask that you abstain from any recreational use of a mood altering substance prior to and during the whole of this experience. This does not include a physician prescribed substance.

Bring some blankets and a pillow to make yourself a comfortable journey pallet.  The actual journey time will be about 80 minutes and you will be guided by dynamic, chakra-aligned music picked just for this event.  Bring a closed water bottle to stay hydrated.

Saturday, May 21, 2016  9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Wild Grace Homestead, Rural Nashville, Indiana, 47448

Some of the gifts the Full Moon is giving us at this time is the possibility for purification and becoming “clean” in a spiritual, emotional, and physical sense. We will call in and nurture the gifts that you may have set aside or missed. We will focus on ways to keep ourselves clear and in-integrity while the world around us crumbles.

Contact me at john@earthschoolforsouls.com   Or:  928-274-5418