Sedona Wordsmith

Sedona Wordsmith is a grassroots cooperative publishing house and a resource for writers.  We hold the 2-day writing retreats and the half-day “mini-jumpstarts” monthly.  We also offer individual coaching, editing, and publishing support.

I am here to help you:

Birth Your Book – Birth Yourself!

Your book lives already, fully formed, at the core of your being and clamors for release.  Jump-start the creative process in a protective and dynamic circle of vision and imagination.

Workshops are normally held on the 2nd weekend of the month in West Sedona or Clarkdale, AZ  9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.  Pre-registration required

We harness the combined energies of the working group to propel you and your project forward.  We employ “automatic writing” techniques, targeted meditation, guided imagery and breathwork to unleash your intrinsic creative energy. You will have two individualized coaching sessions and go home with an action plan and the secrets for finishing your project.  You will receive a copy of the 10 Secrets for Dissolving the Obstacles to Writing Your Book.

“An amazing experience, I am so grateful.  Thank you John.”  Michelle Grimm, author and real estate professional

John Berry Deakyne is an author, poet, and screenwriter who lives in Sedona, Arizona.  He has penned two novels, The Tower Card and The Redemption of Lucifer and scribes the popular blog, On the Road to Find OutJohn is a Writing Coach, Shamanic Minister and your Writing Midwife.

“It has been a deep blessing for me to be witness to so many who have experienced profound release through this process, who have found their true voice, and given birth to so much beautiful work.” 

Logistics:  You may use your own lap-top computer or bring enough legal pads and pens to release up to 20,000 words.  Payment is required at the time of registration.   To register, leave your Name and Email Address and Phone Number with:  You will receive the exact street address after registering.   If you have questions or would like more information, contact:   Or call:  707-799-7662.

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